Discarded pieces of paper, empty containers, cardboard boxes, coffee sleeves – I find beauty in the simplest of things. I’m interested in the forgotten, the detritus in the urban environment. I develop a relationship with what I pick up, through the hours of labor, meticulous painting and recreation. It’s a conversation between me and the Funyun bag.

I view trash as an anthropological form. The items I’m painting, soldering and assembling are like maps; maps that serve as blueprints of consumer society, teaching me how to make them. Trash is a form that has lost its function, like decrepit signs & blank billboards. The physical process of making becomes an opportunity to assume new roles, while maintaining traces of the objects history through appropriation. I paint the everyday, remnants of objects we come in contact with daily. This is a type of poetic gesture, transforming and transcending the insignificant.

Words will always be insufficient. Making is my way of understanding the world around me.